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Do you attend Rehearsal?
We always try to attend the Rehearsal if requested by the Bride and Groom, which gives you the opportunity to meet us and ask any questions. It also allows us to speak to the Vicar/Priest so that we know where we are allowed to stand.

When do you arrive?
We arrive at least one hour before the start of your wedding. We then get shots of the venue and decorations.

What shots do you take before the ceremony?
We will then film the Groom, Best Man and Ushers arriving, and also any formal shots set up by your Photographer. We also film all the guests arriving, and once all the guests are seated, we take shots of the Bridesmaids and the Bride arriving.

Do you film the whole of the Ceremony?
We always film the whole of the Ceremony and it is edited together using the different angles from both cameras. We will only edit part out of the ceremony if requested e.g. Holy Communion.

Do you set up any shots?
No, we never set up any shots unless the Bride and Groom specifically request them. We film exactly what happens on the day to make the DVD as natural as possible. We try to be in the background as much as possible as we know some guests feel uncomfortable being filmed.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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